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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2004|11:21 pm]
Oooh, neat-o. I murdered Orlando Bloom with my favorite weapon. Maybe this will proove to the world that he is truly fugly.
What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnDecember 3, 2013
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2004|10:54 pm]
The guy who created this quiz is a genious.
Stupidpoet in Control Ought Delete
In this heart-stopping travesty, stupidpoet (Salma Hayek) is an ex-soldier with a libido to kill. She promises to track down littleego (Jane Seymour) before her archenemy, emuerin (Angelina Jolie), harms her. To the detriment of many peripheral characters, she brings down a secret stronghold, just as the opening credits finish. The hi-jinks that follow are well worth watching.
Produced by ianiceboy
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2004|01:11 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |"Eggman" ~Beastie Boys~]

I love the Beastie Boys.  If you don't have Paul's Boutique, then you officially suck.


Lyrics to my favorite Beastie Boys song, Eggman.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2004|12:39 pm]
[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]
[Current Music |"The Red" ~Chevelle~]

A list of phobias.Collapse )</p>
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2004|09:07 am]
Stolen from littleego.

boys night out
Boys Night Out is writing your life story! You may
sound like a sweet child, but you're really a
ticking time bomb. a sharp tongue with a knack
for making people love you with your infectious

Which Band Is Writing Your Life's Story?
brought to you by Quizilla

Next four stolen by xnicolexrosex.

Here are stupidpoet's most trusted friendsWho are your most trusted friends?

Here are stupidpoet's least trusted friendsWho are your least trusted friends?

Here are stupidpoet's most trusted nonfriendsWho are your most trusted nonfriends?

Here are stupidpoet's least trusted nonfriendsWho are your least trusted nonfriends?
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2004|01:20 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |"Smells Like Teen Spirit" ~Nirvana~]

With the lights out

It's less dangerous

Here we are now

Entertain us

I feel stupid

And contagious

Here we are now

Entertain us

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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|02:25 pm]
xfall 98%
echoinemptiness 94%
youngndopeless 91%
xsillylillyx 88%
flid 86%
dustyheart 83%
echoinemptiness 81%
efil4zaknupome 80%
ticket_stub 80%
amarettolime 72%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2004|08:26 pm]
You're a Pint of Guinness!

What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Darkness. You Truly Desire Darkness. You wish
everyone around you was either dead, or
worshipping you. To you, life is not a gift,
but a punishment. You have no consideration for
others and do as you please.


What Do You Truly Desire? *PICS*
brought to you by Quizilla

Weapons are not your thing. You would prefer to
pummel your opponent to death with your fists
and feet. You show a lot of Honor but some
power still eludes you. I can give you this
power, I can make you stronger, join me.

How would you Murder?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2004|06:10 pm]
Bloody hell, I love this quiz...

Littleego in Little Power
littleego (Brittany Murphy) has no one to blame but herself, and she knows it. Little does she know that her lovely boyfriend is the subject of childish derision, and stupidpoet, her cousin (Tobey Maguire), is showered with compliments when he discovers that pi is a rational number in base pi. xsamantha (Lacey Chabert) arranges a set of colourful pens. Needless to say, everybody smiles anyway.
Produced by ianiceboy

Littleego in Little Power
littleego (Maggie Smith) has a reputation for rigging elections. Taking a decidedly ugly turn, her perceived supremacy is faring only as could be expected, and stupidpoet, her primary informant (Arnold Schwarzenegger), is complicating things with his own agenda. xsamantha (Whitney Houston) re-invented a costly solution, though the plot is obscured by the biggest coverup of them all.
Produced by ianiceboy

Littleego in Little By Little
Abounding with what's right about love, this playful account, set in a sixty-four cubic-metre underground box, tells the story of partners, stupidpoet (Billy Crystal) and littleego (Courteney Cox), who find themselves becoming closer when a destructive catalyst has been dreamed up by littleego's cruel boss, xsamantha (Jennifer Garner). People with taste are feeling driven from this movie at the drive-in.
Produced by ianiceboy

Littleego in Little By Little
Alight with passion, this very romantic tale, set in a spacestation orbiting Earth, depicts partners, stupidpoet (Tom Welling) and littleego (Katie Holmes), who find themselves subject to malice after a chance meeting has been dreamed up by his sneaky rival, xsamantha (Emilie François). The two star-crossed lovers use the strength of celebrity-themed puzzles to overcome their obstacles.
Produced by ianiceboy

Littleego in Short People with Tall Stories
In this thrill-per-minute masterpiece, littleego (Natalie Portman) is an ex-informant with a pet squirrel. She must get to stupidpoet (Daryl Sabara) before the seemingly innocent xsamantha (Michelle Trachtenberg) captures him. After a quick snack, she blasts into the haunted fortress under false pretenses. Like sands through the hourglass, so will be the ticket sales for this movie.
Produced by ianiceboy

Littleego in Short People with Tall Stories
In this edge-of-your-seat kill-fest, littleego (Angelina Jolie) is a Canadian secret agent with a less than relevant background. She promises to find stupidpoet (Mark Wahlberg) before her foe, xsamantha (Gwyneth Paltrow), captures him. With guns blazing, she sneaks into an underground facility, twenty-two days too late. The killing doesn't stop until you turn it off in disgust.
Produced by ianiceboy
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2004|05:36 pm]
Kaija-Jaye and Chris Cornell
  • Secretly had a handful of beautiful children.
  • Pretend to watch television for the foreseeable future.
  • Have already picked out trendy names for servants.
  • Make a difference.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy


If You Were A Quiz Result What Quiz Result Aspect Would You Be? (with pics)
Brought to you by Ianiceboy.

LiveJournal userinfo for stupidpoetstupidpoet in five years
Occupation: Sanitary Manager
Prized possession: An edible spouse.
Favourite film: Jurassic Park 4: The Lost Plot
Age difference: One month older due to time travel.
LiveJournal Blurty Neither
Fully coded by He made this!ianiceboy
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